Online Drummer is a service where I am available to record customized professional quality multi-channel drumĀ tracks for producers, bands and songwriters worldwide, over the internet. In combining years of experience as both a drummer and as an audio engineer, I am able to deliver a drum recording that perfectly blends the elements of being both musically satisfying and sonically rich. The Online Drummer service is also economically smarter since the client is able to save on the additional costs of having to rent a studio, hire an engineer, travel, etc. That means that getting real drum tracks (played by a real drummer) that dynamically move and breathe with your music is now completely affordable and available to anyone.


Step 1 – Email Contact
Send an introductory email that includes a brief background of your project, mp3(s) of the song(s) you are interested in having recorded, your project’s production timeframe, and any information that you can provide about what you are looking for in the final drum performance. The more detailed information you can provide the better. This may include reference to other artists and songs, liking to particular drummers, specific drum grooves and fills, descriptions of where particular dynamic shifts and breaks are needed within your song, and last but not least please mention any specific things that should be avoided. In addition, if there are pre-programmed drums and/or loops already on the track please specify how closely you want them replicated. Drum charts are welcomed. In addition, please refer to the “Package Options” section and specify which delivery option you are interested in.

Step 2 – Follow-Up?
After I have received your material, I will review it and determine whether I am able to contribute to your project. If a collaboration is able to happen, I will contact you either via email or by phone to discuss the project in greater detail, confirm a turnaround date and also give you a final cost estimate for my services.

Step 3 – 50% Deposit
Before work is to begin on your project, a 50% deposit is required of the finalized estimate. All payments are processed thru Paypal. Click here for a direct link to processing your 50% deposit.

Step 4 – Send Your Tracks
Follow the steps outlined below in the “Send Your Tracks” section on assuring the best results in preparing your tracks for recording.

Step 5 – MP3 Preview
After recording your track, I will send you a watermarked MP3 for your review. At this point if further revisions are needed you will be able to point out any specific areas that I should focus on and/or change.

Step 6 – Final Delivery of Assets
Once the drum tracks are finalized and after the remaining payment has been processed, I will deliver your project’s assets.


Unmixed Multi-Track Drum Stems?
Individual stems without EQ and effects included.

Mixed Multi-Track Drum Stems
Individual stems with EQ and effects included.

Stereo Mix
Stereo file with EQ and effects included.

MIDI Drum Performance
A MIDI file of a drum performance played on V-Drums.


Before you upload your tracks for recording, here are a few important things to consider.

Separate Stems
Having separate instrument stems allows me more flexibility in picking up the unique nuances of your song. In addition it helps me to dial in a custom mix while I am tracking. Both of these points bring us closer to giving you the best drum performance possible. The separate stems I typically request are bass, guitars, vocals, click, percussion/loops and any additional instruments as a combined auxiliary stem. Please limit the amount of stems sent to these 6 and no more.

Consolidate Stems to 1:01:000 (Measures:Beats:Ticks)
Please make sure to consolidate your stems to the absolute beginning of your DAW’s session. This will assure that your stems line up perfectly in my session as they do in yours.

Click Track
A click track is an extremely helpful tool that will help me to really lock into the pulse and groove of your song. Please allow at least 2 bars of count-off prior to where the song starts. In addition, include the BPM of the song. please include a MIDI tempo map if there are tempo changes and/or meter changes. If your song was recorded without a click that is fine as well yet a 2 bar count-off and a starting BPM is still desired.


All audio files can be delivered as either WAV or AIFF. My Pro Tools tracking sessions are also available. Please specify the bit-depth and sample rate that you would like your audio files recorded at and delivered at as well. All assets are delivered in zip files utilizing DropBox


Drum Sets
DW Collector’s Series Maple
Premier Signia Maple

Snare Drums
DW Aluminum – 6.5 X 14
DW Maple – 5.5 X 14
DW Solid Maple – 5.5 X 14
Ludwig Superphonic – 5.5 X 14
Ludwig Brass – 6.5 X 14
World Max Black Dawg 5 x 14
Tama Maple 5 x 14


Recording Gear
Pro Tools HD 10
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Focusrite Saffire 40

AKG D112
Yamaha Sub-Kick
Shure Beta 52A
Shure SM57
Shure SM81
Sennheiser MD412
Rode NT1000
Rode NT5
ARC Shotgun